Week 23

Hockey Round up:

The Sharks have continued doing what they’ve been doing this year: Winning on the road and losing at home. While they did blow up the Canadiens 6-2 on Monday and won the 2nd of 3 games against the Canucks this week 3-2 in Vancouver, the Sharks dropped the rematch Saturday in San Jose. Like I’ve said before, this team is fine when playing on the road. And their league-leading 23 wins in road games backs that up. Unfortunately, there are only 4 road
games left in the month of March.

But at least the front office is trying to find ways to create home ice advantage again:

In other totally expected news, Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, and Brent Burns continue to tear up the stat sheets. The lower lines are doing their part, though not always at the same time or when it’s most critically needed. Consistency from all 4 lines and 3 D pairs is going to be absolutely critical in this final month. Coach Peter DeBoer continues to juggle the lines to find the optimum configuration for this team, but the reality is that those three main guys account for 180 of 508 individual points (35%) recorded by Sharks’ players. It’s great that Jumbo, Pavs, and Burnsie keep rolling but if the depth scoring only shows up when it wants to, this team will not get very far in a playoff environment.

Fashion Round Up:

Did you see the World Cup of Hockey jerseys? If not, here they are.

And now the Pacific War Room Fashion Blog Hottakes:

Winners: Canada, Sweden, Russia
Meh: Czech Republic
Losers: USA, Finland
Fucking Kill Yourself: North America, Europe

As always, Canada, Tre Kronor, and The Red Machine have sweet threads. The Czech is basic, but not horrible. The US whites are pretty ok, but the home jersey shield just plain sucks. In the Finnish jersey, nothing flows together at all and I don’t see the Nordic Cross represented in any sense.

The North American jersey logo looks like an anarchist group bent on cutting James Bond in half with a really slow moving laser and the color scheme reflects nothing about North America. The two-tone European jersey is another atrocity and forcing a hockey stick in the logo is “EA ‘My Custom Team’ generic logo” bad.

When will Adidas stop fucking things up?

Week 23

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