Week 24

Another week, another example of how much better California is at hockey than Western (really, all of) Canada and Arizona. The Sharks, Kings, and Ducks continue to school the rest of the Pacific Division and even some of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. The Sharks extinguished the Flames 2-1 on Tuesday. The next night they swung over to Edmonton and pumped the Oilers dry (phrasing) for a 3-0 win. Before the game ended, there was this crap in garbage time late in the 3rd period:

If I’m honest I’m not sure 3 games is enough for something as reckless and savage as that, but maybe it was just the NHL Wheel of Justice dishing out the punishment.

Beating good teams and losing to bad teams isn’t a new phenomenon, nor is it unique to the Sharks, but it does seem to happen more often than not. Add in a backup goalie and you’re basically guaranteed to get a shutout win against the Sharks. This is what happened Thursday in a 0-3 loss against the New Jersey Devils that could easily be considered one of the worst all-around performances of the year. While not deflecting blame for the poor performance, Coach Peter DeBoer did note that the ice sucked:

And I’m not sure that anything was actually done between Thursday and Saturday:

You know, maybe having an AHL team play on the same ice as the pro team wasn’t the greatest idea. Too much action on the ice resulted in a sheet that players were losing edges and fighting against bad puck bounces. The Sharks’ current offensive philosophy relies on a lot of quick passes and short cycles, so when you look at the Sharks’ record at home one could make the argument that they haven’t played well due to the ice fighting against their playing style.

But on Saturday night against the Washington Capitals we saw a completely different team. Whether the ice was fixed or someone light a fire under their asses doesn’t matter. The Sharks looked like contenders again when they faced off against the best team in the NHL. The 1st period was a barnstormer, with both offenses creating fantastic scoring opportunities and every player on the ice being incredibly physical. Though the physicality waned in the other two periods, the game was full of offensive opportunities. I know I am biased, but I would love to see a Caps/Sharks Final based off of the 60 minutes we got on Saturday. That and the fact that the Sharks owned the Capitals in the 3rd period; a period where the Capitals have dominated all season long. The game ended 5-2 and the Sharks now look ahead to the final 4 weeks of the season.

P.S. Having an organist is awesome. I was at the game Saturday when we debuted it.

But it also may have contributed to a better home atmosphere:

P.P.S. Vote brigade that goal song poll all you want. The Front Office is fully aware of what’s going on. Which means no one’s votes matter anyway and they’ll pick the LMFAO song because that’s just how these things go when you actually give a shit.

Next week the Sharks will see Boston in San Jose, the #DesertDogs in the land that is irresponsible with their Daylight Savings, and then head back home for a back-to-back with the Rangers and Coyotes.

Week 24

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