Who am I?

I am Hoser Corp.
Hoser: (n) Canadian hockey derogatory term that is similar to the American “idiot” or “loser”. It is derived from the pre-zamboni days, where the LOSING team would have to hose down the ice after the game.
ex: “Snack on that for lunch, you fuckin hoser!”


I am a hoser due to my everlasting faith in the San Jose Sharks’ ability to be successful at winning the ultimate prize in hockey: The Stanley Cup.  This blog will offer some analysis and lots of bad photoshops of the weekly play, good or bad, of the San Jose Sharks and their quest for the Stanley Cup or the 1st pick in next year’s draft.

Day-to-day, I’m part of a group of dudes who dress up in Shark onsies and catch games at SAP Center.  I run (for a majority of the time) this glorious Twitter handle:


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